Specifications, Toys and Amenities

A sailing vacation aboard a sailing catamaran is like no other. Go where you want, swim, snorkel, dive, read, sun-bathe, sail, eat, drink, and be exceedingly merry. It's all planned just the way you want it, and it's better than you dreamed it would be. A catamaran enhance your vacation with their space, comfort, and stability. You won't believe all they have to offer.

Bliss Sailing Catamaran

This modern catamaran is stable and spacious, which compliments the protected lagoons. The demand for this comfortable vessel has blown across this industry like a wild prairie fire burning out of control. The main reason is comfort, space, magnificent stability, privacy and elegance with equal cabins for all. This vessel has single-handily taken the comfort level on the sea to a higher plain, more stable than sailboats and power yachts! With this combination you are assured of a magnificent catamaran sailing vacation. No crowds, no regimental times to stick to, go wherever you like, when you like, you set the pace, your captain is your guide. Begin your vacation on any day of the week. The catamaran does not heel over when they sail. Here is your luxury apartment gently moving to uninhabited islands in the sun. This catamaran gives our guest exactly what they want, the comfort of home, while on vacation.

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