Caribbean Catamaran Charter

The best and surest way to enjoy the Caribbean and its splendor is to charter a luxurious Caribbean catamaran. Here you are able to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and the shining sun. The British Virgin Islands is the premier sailing grounds in the world. This crewed catamaran, Bliss, will enable you to uncover the secrets of nature, explore uninhabited islands, relaxing in a hammock, reading a book, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply relaxing and do nothing.

You can discover the rich culture of the Virgin Islands by dancing on the beach to the sounds traditional steel bands.

During recent years catamarans have grown to become the first choice to explore the Caribbean islands. Catamarans provide the comfort of home, stability, comfort and a lot of spaciousness.

The virgin islands consists of many islands that are very close together, therefore sailing between islands rarely takes more than two hours. Peter Island, Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke are all perfect for pleasure cruising and provide a great platform for all types of water sports.

The most desirable and idyllic cruising grounds in the world, the calm and protected waters of the British Virgin Islands offer gentle seas with a wide array of sheltered anchorages and a number of moorings for convenient overnight stops.

A sailing vacation aboard a cruising catamaran is like no other. Go where you want, swim, snorkel, dive, read, sun-bathe, sail, eat, drink, and be exceedingly merry. It's all planned just the way you want it, and it's better than you dreamed it would be. Catamaran Bliss enhance your vacation with its space, comfort, and stability. You won't believe all they have to offer.

Activities abound aboard catamaran Bliss. Pick your pleasure: go sailing, water-ski, swim in the azure Caribbean waters, snorkel in and around the reefs and treasure caves, windsurf those perfect tropical breezes, relax on a floating sun mattress or kayak anywhere your heart desires.

If you wish for your next crewed yacht vacation to be a romantic honeymoon in a moon-lit bay, diving on the wreck of the "Rhone", catching some rays on a sun-drenched beach, teaching your children about our fragile sea environment, kayaking, waterskiing, reading the latest Buffett novel in a hammock on the foredeck of a private chartered yacht, then we suggest that catamaran Bliss be your first choice to achieve such a goal.. Catamaran Bliss has a lot to offer you on a crewed charter yacht vacation. You are free to choose your own itinerary, pick your own activities and set your own pace and change your mind whenever you feel like it..

An all-inclusive crewed charter yacht vacation includes the yacht, captain, chef, amenities, meals, and standard bar. Compared to other vacations like a cruise ship or a luxury hotel, these quality charter yacht vacations are of a better value. Your entertainment or relaxation is not dependent on any other person or groups. You have the freedom to do as much as you like where you like... try moving your hotel room to the next bay over!