Catamaran Charter Guest Comments

 Guests aboard for a tandem charter in early July 2010
Anya (& ok Ron too)

That was the most amazing vacation of ours lives. I certainly am not one to sit and write a thank you email but I will tell you, it would be a dis-justice not to tell you guys what you already know, which is those boat owners are lucky to have you crewing their boats. Though this email mainly references the Bliss adventure, listening to Sal Sr., Marie, John, Fran, Jay, Jo-Ann, Mike & Eileen telling their stories, it was apparent they had a once in a lifetime experience too. According to the kids, this is now officially the vacation that all other vacations will be measured against, a huge high five statement for you guys by kids that have been to a lot of places. I have to admit to the first indicator that the kids are right as the brutal reality is hitting me now, while I type this email, eating oatmeal my stomach is insulted after it has been treated to a week at "Anya's Food Spa".

So how do you know you have had the vacation of a lifetime?

27. You started planning and saving a year in advance for the vacation.
26. You realize on the second day, as you are floating in the water, you have no idea what time it is, except 24 hrs later than yesterday
25. You are fed foods and taste that your mind refuses to believe came out of the world smallest kitchen.
24. You realize on what u believe is the fourth day of the trip, you actually don't know what day it is or how many days you have been on the trip nor do you care to try an figure it out.
23. You get home at 2:48 am, after flying and driving for hrs, drop bags, run upstairs, get on the scale and go from 184 lb. to 194 lb., pump your fists in the air, fall to your knees and profess your love for "The Goddes of The Kitchen" - LONG LIVE ANYA!!!!!
22. When you are sitting in one of the rare moments of silence between sharing stories on the way home and you find yourself laughing or smiling b/c you just remembered something else that happen on the trip and everyone is looking at you saying, "what did you just remember".
21. When you get a text from Eddie (Mr. 10.6% body fat, Mr. Regimented Food Eater) at 7:30 am saying " +6 on the scale this morning. I feel like Sal".
20. When Darlene comes home with a tan.
19. When you have to empty IV bags of fluid in the sink.
18. When you agree it is time to finally leave the party for home b/c there is no beer left on either boat and it is obvious Ron is not going to the store to get more beer or god forbid ice.
17. When Michele & Darlene are watching the video in the morning, with a look of horror as all the memories comeback to dancing as the "Tuna-ats" backup singer for The Tuna.
16. When you get an email that Tuna has moved up a weight class to the Giant Tuna .
15. When you look through the window, see Anya busting out moves to "I am on a boat" in her apron, with the worlds biggest knife and realizing at that moment whatever meal is served from this moment on is going to be classified as amazing and why Ron calls her "sweetie".
14. When you have plans to party like a rockstar all night while drinking before dinner, then Anya slips a "micky" in your food so you are in bed by 8:15 pm and she sits in the solon enjoying the silence on a boat that has 9 guest in a food coma.
13. When Ron tries to convince you mens field hockey is not a wimp's sport, Katie says, "wait are you talking about field hockey, that's a girls sport" and Ron retreats back to be comforted by Anya b/c he just got schooled by at 15 yr old girl who plays field hockey.
12. When Kimo smiles.
11a. When Jessie tells you in the cab to the airport that "I am in a Boat" does not have the word "Yo" in it even though everyone for the past week has been saying, "I am in (insert work pool, dingy, plane, etc) Yo".
11. When you have a picture of Tuna with IV bags in the background and beer cans around him - Even if it was staged still very funny.
10. When you realize next week Ron will be sailing with a new charter group, be back by the wheel by himself and all of a sudden a smile will overcome him as he remembers something from this charter and someone will be asking him what's so funny and he'll have to lie to protect the innocent.
9. When Darlene is worried that Katie's parents may never let her anywhere near us again.
8. When Ron voluntarily separates himself from us, sits on the roof, steers with his feet, saying "I can't hear you." because we are picking on him too much.
7a. When the captain actually says, "Does this really need to be documented?" as he has a 1 gallon gas can in his hand.
7. When you realized you have witness something no one else in the world has every seen before, "The First Nonverbal Comment from Anya to Ron that will eternal hold the SHOVEL AWARD".
6. When you start to questions the cost equation of the trip b/c you can understand how Ron can run out of ice given the weather, run out of beer given the rate at which we were drinking, but running out of fuel in the middle of the ocean brings it to a whole new level.
5. When you realizes the skill of the captain as he tacts the 57' cat in between some extremely small spaces to anchor the ship. WE WERE ALL TRUELY IMPRESSED!!!!
4. When you realize Ron ran out of gas on purpose b/c he was tired of us talking about Anya being a Goddess and thanking Ron for making the beds and he wanted to show off.
3. When you realize that if Brad passed on today it would take the coroner a week to pry the grin off Brad's face knowing he had run out on a zodiac with a 1 gallon gas can to save Ron.
2. When you start crying not because the trip is over but you really believe the crew had as good a time as you did for the past week, getting to know each other, telling old stories, creating new stories that will be told going forward but they did not pay $4k nor tip us to be entertained by us and watch "Tuna & the Tuna-Ats" bust out moves.


1. When you realizes you are starting to plan the fourth BVI trip and for the first time are going to look for what boat Ron & Anya are crewing as opposed to what crew in on the Bliss.

This email is a poor attempt at trying to highlight what a great time we all had on both boats, the list, the laughing, and the memories I could go on forever... Unfortunately Ron we will stay in touch (I will send photo and website links over the next week or two).
Thanks Again!!!
 From the guests aboard BLISS June 20-27, 2010
Name: Ms. Wendy H.
Yacht: S/V Bliss
Date: June 20-27, 2010

Comment on the comfort onboard Bliss:
Perfect, all cabins were neat and well equipped. Beds were comfortable beyond belief. Seating area was ample for our large crowd of 10 and trampolines provided plenty of sunning and relaxing during the day.

Comment on the condition of Bliss:
Perfect, hard to believe the boat was not brand new.

Comment on the cleanliness of Bliss:
Perfect, spotless everyday!

Comment on the congeniality of the Captain and crew:
Perfect. Could not have asked for a more personable and fun crew. They became an extension of our group and we forgot they were there to serve our every desire!

Comment on the service of the Captain and crew:
Excellent in every way. You never knew cleaning was being done and the constant preparation of food and drink was all done so seamlessly.

Comment on the fun aspect of the Captain and crew:
Awesome. You have to spend a week with Anya and Ronald to fully understand!

Comment on the expertise of the Captain and crew:
Very experienced. They knew just the right places to travel and the right time of the day to travel depending on weather conditions. Very adaptable.

Comment on the quality of your meals:
Incredible and amazing that the meals we were served could come out of such a small kitchen. Hoping Anya will give up a few recipes!

Comment on the presentation of your meals:
5 Stars. Different place mats/napkins with each meal was a nice touch. The plates of food were incredible. Each meal topped the last.

Would you charter this yacht again? ABSOLUTELY a YES!

Wendy H.
 From the guests aboard BLISS on mid May, 2010
-- Very good feedback from the guests. Well done guys! --

"What a great trip! Ronald and Anya could not have been better host. Ronald kept everyone busy and active, while Anya cooked and cooked and cooked. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Everything went very well, we could not have asked for anything better. Hope to do it again someday."